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Chapter 1 Starting today, I will take over your life (1)

“It happens to be a parent meeting tomorrow, telling your parents to come over!”

“I don’t have a parent!” The head

teacher looked at the family in front of him with a headache. It was obvious that his family could find a relationship to enter any university in City A, but he refused to leave. After two years of high school, I am now preparing to repeat the third year of problem students.

“Song Anjiu, I need to talk to your parents!” Today’s assessment, this bear kid actually has six courses in single digits, and he is simply smashing his place. Most importantly, she stabbed Da Louzi today.

The girl’s family background is a bit special-her parents are divorced, and now they have their own families, and they have children, almost regardless of her.

Although it was pitiful, but she also blamed her for being too rebellious, lawless, and no one could control it. Pointing east to west, pointing north to south, only doing what is wrong and not doing what is right, such as good at liberal arts, but choose science; good black straight hair, but it must be cut like a tomboy, and dyed in an arrogant red; Smoking, drinking, fighting, and premature love, bad students should do nothing.

“I want you to call it yourself.” An Jiu looked impatient, turned and left.

The head teacher patted the table, “Stop, what is your attitude! You have already remembered three major demerits this year, and today you beat Xue Hao like this again. If you don’t handle it well this time, the school can completely expel you! I know you The family is rich and powerful, but the one you fight is not easy to provoke. When that happens, no one can keep you!”

An Jiu’s casual expression finally showed a crack. She doesn’t want to leave school. Because, after leaving here, she didn’t know where else she could go.

The head teacher sighed, “You should grow up too. Are you going to keep going like this?”

An Jiu’s expression was a little tranced. In this world, is there a reason for her to work hard for it? Is there such a person who makes her want to be beautiful, what he likes?


She doesn’t even like herself.

“Got it.” An Jiu left an ambiguous answer and turned and walked out of the office.

Just now and the two sides have completely fallen out, she will never go back to beg them, and only indiscriminately scolds if she asks. What else…

After school, I returned to the empty house, An Jiu was in a daze for a long time, and finally dialed the phone.


“An Jiu?” On the other side of the ocean, the man on the other end of the phone was surprised that she would take the initiative to call herself.

“…” Suddenly An Jiu didn’t know what to say, “When are you… coming back?”


“Well, a little bit.” Song Anjiu, who was fearless and fearless, was embarrassed for the first time, and finally he bit the bullet and spoke. , “Tomorrow I have a parent meeting.”


An Jiu was a little angry, saying that if he understands this, he still doesn’t understand?

“Can you come and help me hold a parent meeting?” She gritted her teeth and said every word, in a humiliated way.

The man on the other end was silent for a long time, obviously unexpectedly. After a while, he replied: “Yes.”

He actually… agreed? The call was just a medical emergency, she had no hope at all.

“What time?” he asked.

“Ah? Oh, two o’clock tomorrow afternoon.”

“I see.”

Then, she heard him on the phone calling the assistant to book a flight.

“Is there anything else?”

” Nothing .”

“See you at school tomorrow.”


An Jiu hung up the phone in a daze, feeling grateful, suddenly a little embarrassed. She hadn’t told him that not only was the parent meeting, she also got into trouble…

At night, An Jiu suffered from insomnia.

At two o’clock in the afternoon the next day, Anjiu arrived at the school and waited at the door.

The purpose of today’s parent meeting is mainly to communicate with parents about filling out volunteer issues. If it weren’t for hitting someone, she wouldn’t have to ask her parents for her broken score.

The parents arrived one after another, frowning in disgust when she saw her messy dress. An Jiu leaned slantingly at the gate with a cigarette in his mouth, turning a blind eye and deaf ears to those strange gazes and comments.

An hour has passed in a blink of an eye. There are fewer and fewer parents gathering at the door, and only one or two parents hurried over occasionally. Song Anjiu called midway and prompted to shut down.

Probably still on the plane.

Two hours, two and a half hours, three hours…he didn’t come until the parent meeting was over.

The light of waiting was like a cigarette butt in his hand annihilated little by little, and his uneasy heart was completely calmed down.


she was crazy, she would actually believe what a stranger said… Finally, the head teacher was waiting, “Finally found you, follow me to the principal’s room.” In the

principal’s room, Xue Hao’s mother was sitting on the sofa. Deputy Xingshi asked the posture of the crime. The vice-principal and the dean were all there, carefully apologizing.

“What’s going on? I waited for a day without waiting for a statement. Did our son get beaten in vain? The injury is still in that kind of place! If there is something in the future, whoever of you bears the responsibility!” Xue The wife arrogantly pointed at the dean’s nose and cursed. Seeing An Jiu coming in, he was even more angry, “Look at her, do you still look like a student? You actually leave this kind of person in school, isn’t your school too irresponsible!” Turning to her, “I really don’t know how your parents taught you!”

Obviously, the school had already contacted her family at the first time, but no one wanted to come forward. This made her personally called to bear the anger of the parents of the students who were beaten.

The dean asked awkwardly: “Then…what do you want to do?” The

current situation is really making him two heads one by one. Neither party is easy to mess with, but since Song Anjiu’s parents don’t care, he will naturally turn to the Xue family’s side.

Mrs. Xue looked at her as if she saw something disgusting, “I heard that she would like to continue studying again this year? Although we, Hao Hao, did well in the exam this year, we will definitely be able to make the key points. We don’t need to be in the same environment with this kind of person in the future. But we must not let this kind of person harm more children!”

“Yes, we understand that even if Mrs. Xue doesn’t say it, we are prepared to deal with it like this. According to school regulations, we will expel her from school. There is no need for this. Doubt, you can rest assured!”

An Jiu shook his lips, his face pale.

Mrs. Xue’s face turned slightly, “There are also medical expenses, nutrition expenses, mental damage expenses… these must be paid. The most important thing is that I want her parents to take her to the door to apologize. Otherwise, we will see you in court. Let her be held criminally liable! If I remember correctly, this girl is already an adult, right? Ha, after two years of repeating studies, of course she is an adult!”

Who in City A didn’t know that the Xue family and the Song family were rivals in the business field, yes With such an opportunity, how could it be possible not to make good use of the diaphragm countermeasures.

“This…” The vice-principal wiped his sweat embarrassedly, “You know the situation of the Song family, and we can’t do anything about this. The people over there just said that Song Anjiu’s affairs have nothing to do with them in the future. Besides, this child is quite pitiful…”

Isn’t it related to them?

An Jiu’s eyes are like a dead pool.

“She is pitiful? We were beaten so pitiful, she is pitiful! Also, what can’t you do? When things happen at school, you are responsible for contacting each other’s parents and solving the problem. Are you trying to shirk responsibility? ?”

“That kind of scum scum…” An Jiu snorted from his lips, “He is self-inflicted, and I should work harder to make Xue Jiajue right.” The

words were very clear, completely igniting Mrs. Xue’s anger.

“Little bitch, what do you say…” Madam Xue raised her hand in a furious manner.

However, that hand did not fall for a long time.

The first goal was a delicate cuff, and then a powerful hand, firmly strangling Mrs. Xue’s wrist. Immediately, the man turned against the light like a handsome face cast like a knife, his eyes flashed with dangerous light, and the expression on his face was frighteningly indifferent.

He was standing behind her, his big palm fell on the rebellious red hair on top of her head and rubbed it, as if he was treating a rare treasure, “Sorry, I’m late.” I

can’t remember the taste of tears anymore , but at this moment, She had sore eyes only because of his words.

It took a long time for the people in the room to come back to their senses after being suppressed by the aura of the incoming people.

“Who are you?” Madam Xue screamed.

“Song Anjiu’s guardian.” He said.

“You came just right, how did your Song family educate your children!”

Fu Chenshang didn’t pay attention to the clamor of the opposite woman at all, but leaned slightly and asked the person in his arms: “An Jiu, why hit someone?”

“…” she I don’t want to say, because no one will believe it, no one will believe her.

“Answer.” He said hard.

“If you hit it, you hit it, what else can you ask!” Madam Xue interrupted, and she wanted to say something later, but was forced back by Fu Chenshang’s gaze.

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