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Chapter 5 Look at the good things you do

Ou Mingxuan raised his right index finger and stood in front of Xia Yuxun’s eyes and complained, “See for yourself what you have done!”

“Uh…what…what is this? Fingers? Band-aids?” Xia Yuxun looked at his index finger with the band-aids more and more confused.

“I’m hurt! I was bitten by you! Ten fingers connected to the heart! Do you know how painful it is?” Ou Mingxuan looked at her with an injury, as if she had done a terrible thing.

“No…no! Haven’t heard that I can bite people when I get drunk? My wine has always been good…” She said that in the last sentence, she was a little bit empty.

“Your wine is good?” Ou Mingxuan raised his eyebrows and raised his tone.

“Even if I’m not right! What do you want!” Xia Yuxun asked, breaking the jar.

“You bit me, you are responsible for me!” Ou Mingxuan said every word.

It was almost, now Xia Yuxun’s world is completely wiped out…

“Responsible? Go…what’s the joke?” Xia Yuxun looked like hell.

“Xia Yuxun, aren’t you very kind? Why? I didn’t dare to admit what I did?” Ou Mingxuan suddenly leaned over.

“Who said I dare not admit it! Be responsible for it! I’ll give it to you!” Xia Yuxun stretched out a finger in front of his eyes angrily.

“What are you doing?” Ou Mingxuan lifted up slightly, so that she could see her white and tender little finger.

“Give you a bite! Don’t you want me to be responsible for you? You bite me too, we are both clean!” Xia Yuxun snorted.

Ou Mingxuan couldn’t laugh or cry and looked at that little finger, “Who is going to bite you? You think I’m a dog like you! But… if I bite somewhere else, I can think about it!”

After last night, he suddenly realized that Xia Yuxun was quite beautiful.

Why does this girl usually make herself like an invincible ugly girl?

“Ou Mingxuan! How good are you!” Xia Yuxun closed the collar of his pajamas, used brute force to break the shackles of his arms, and climbed out of the bed.

Although her character is carefree and unobtrusive, just like a boy, but now this posture is too ambiguous. Biologically speaking, she is also a woman anyway?

As soon as Ou Mingxuan heard this, he raised his brows and took a step closer, “Who was holding me back last night and arresting me to be the oppressor of the village?”

Xia Yuxun’s heart is stormy, I rely on! I’m actually going to take the senior to act as a magistrate! Xia Yuxun, you are so awesome!

“Who threw me on the bed, didn’t let me go, and forced me to sleep with me?” Ou Mingxuan continued to approach.

Xia Yuxun couldn’t hold it anymore, staggering back.

“Who held me all night and slobbered all over me?” The two were close to each other.

Hey, she has no face to meet people!

“So, who the hell is having no morals! Xia Yuxun?” Ou Mingxuan deliberately stretched his voice and called her name.

“It’s me! It’s me! It’s all me! The one who has the least ethics is me! Senior, I’m wrong, OK? What do you want?”

God, when he was in college, this guy was the first in the debate competition. Back when he talked about the opponent crying, she was really kicked in the head by a donkey today, and she actually challenged him! You deserve it if you die!

Why are two of the men she met so venomous? She is really the poor little white rabbit who has been thrown into the wolf pile.

Ou Mingxuan almost laughed at her appearance.

This girl is really cute as she looks.

He always treats love with a dispensable and playful attitude, never believes or pays his heart, and Xia Yuxun belongs to the kind of very neutral and cheerful girl, and she has always had a childhood sweetheart in love.

Therefore, the two hit it off.

Although they have been close for the past three years in university, he has always treated her as a younger sister, and has never regarded her as a woman. Otherwise, for so long, if anything happened, it would have happened long ago.

I thought it would continue like this, but now, it seems that something has changed inadvertently overnight.

His anger broke out last night after seeing her sad and drunk for that fellow Leng Sichen, even he himself was frightened.

Can you really just be your sister?

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