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Chapter 3 Uncontrollable Rage

“President, I personally followed this time, with photos as proof!” Liang Qian hurriedly handed over a stack of photos before he went crazy.

He really didn’t understand. His boss is about to get engaged soon, but what does it mean to let him follow other women at this moment?

Although on the terms of their boss, it’s not uncommon to see how many women there are outside, but it’s uncommon that he would send a woman to follow him personally for a lot of time. This is something that has never happened before, let alone a return. This is such a big fire.

Watching them kiss passionately in the photo, watching them lingering in the car, watching him hold her into the hotel…

Leng Sichen raised his hand fiercely and crashed the photo to the ground.

I really don’t see it, except for the black-rimmed glasses and spotless sportswear, Xia Yuxun’s hair is not only ungreen and sluggish, but also shockingly beautiful.

Xia Yuxun! Xia Yuxun! Xia Yuxun!

Her name was all over his head, and the overwhelming anger and the emotion called jealousy in his heart surprised him…

Since childhood, she has always stalked herself, like a worm, and annoyed him to stick to him behind her. Since birth, he has been annoyed by her for 23 years.

Now he is finally getting married with his beloved woman, and he can finally get rid of the entanglement of this nasty ghost. Why does he feel so heartbroken when he sees her getting close to other men!

It hurts so much that I want to strangle her by myself!

Could it be that… she really gave up, is she really with another man?

What he didn’t expect was that he was not relieved, but rather sad…

He damnly hates the feeling of losing control of his emotions…

Early the next morning.

Xia Yuxun rolled over comfortably, then rubbed his eyes in a daze.

“Wake up?” Ou Mingxuan leaned on the bed, lit a cigarette, and looked at her with a smile.

“Hmm…” Xia Yuxun snorted, stretched out his arm to smoke his cigarette, ran into the ashtray next to it and extinguished, then continued to get into his arms, finding a comfortable position and closing his eyes again.

Ou Mingxuan looked at her in astonishment. He didn’t expect her to be so calm. He thought she would be hysterical when she woke up after drinking and found herself sleeping with him in the same sex, and changing her clothes into pajamas.

He couldn’t help wondering if this girl hadn’t woken up yet, or… In fact, she was a bit awake last night, or she didn’t reject herself?

“Xia Yuxun, you…”

“Don’t make a noise!” Xia Yuxun irritably buried his head in the quilt, because she was too close, her scorching breath got into his body through a thin white shirt.

Ou Mingxuan: “…”

Only a woman tried every means to strike up a conversation with him and begged him to talk, she actually thought he was noisy! Do you know how violent you are, dead girl?

The room was quiet. I don’t know how long it had passed. Xia Yuxun suddenly felt aroused, and his body trembled. With some panic and bewilderment, he whispered, “Study… Senior?!”

Seeing her shocked reaction, Ou Mingxuan twitched his mouth and looked at her speechlessly. It turns out that her previous calmness was not because of her composure, but she realized that she hadn’t gotten into the situation and didn’t wake up yet!

Ou Mingxuan suddenly showed teasing interest. He raised those peachy eyes and smiled, “Senior? Kiss baby, last night…you didn’t call it that way!”

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