Integrity Contest 诚信的较量 Episode 2 Plot

Ye Hong’s adopted son was fighting at the school, and Ye Hong had to go to the school to deal with it. Xu Beijian confirmed through Huayang Securities’s Su Bei that the current situation of Galaxy Company is not optimistic. Xu Beijian came to the Green Island Villa and thought hard about what Martin told him before the accident.” You know who the manipulator is behind the scenes”, but he can’t get in touch with Hassie.

Kui has already started stalking Xu Beijian at this time. Xu Beijian handed over the heavy responsibility of software development of “Archimedes the Wise” to Ye Hong. Hong’s current seat is where Martin was before his death.Ye Hong received a fax from Hacisi to Martin, and Yin Sha, a senior employee of the company, told Ye Hong that Martin was dead.

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