Integrity Contest 诚信的较量 Episode 1 Plot

In the prison, a prisoner named Duan Kui (formerly known as Duan Desheng) was released after serving his sentence. He has a strong body and a bad face. Duan Kui was walking on the road and was stopped by a driver with a special butterfly pattern on his wrist. Knowing everything about him, Duan Kui knew that this person had a background, so he asked her what’s wrong. The mysterious tattooed woman offered 600,000 yuan and asked him to kill a man named Martin.

At the same time, Martin from Galaxy Company was under the control of the general manager Xu Beijian. Entrusted to come to the South China Sea and make an appointment to meet with Haxiqian of the South China Sea Development Bank. Martin met Wu Yin, the secretary of the general manager of Galaxy Company where Martin was originally located, at the Xindongfang song and dance hall. Wu Yin is now Xindongfang as a singer. Martin is sending Wu After Yin went home, he was injured and killed by Duan Kui.

Before he died, Martin handed an important document to Wu Yin and asked her to hand it to Xinghe’s general manager Xu Beijian. Ye Hong, a young and capable and beautiful girl, was in the examination room of Xinghe’s job interview. Come to the fore, Xu Beijian’s younger brother Xu Xiaoyang has a good impression of Ye Hong

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