Legendary Amazons – 杨门女将之军令如山

“Legendary Amazons” is a film based on the stories of the Yang Clan Generals. The film is set in early 11th century China during the reign of Emperor Ren Zong of the Song Dynasty. The emperor neglects state affairs and indulges in personal pleasures, while the government sinks into corruption, and the war continues to rage on at the borders of the Song Dynasty. The Song Dynasty is being invaded by the armies of the rival state of Western Xia.

Legendary Amazons (2011)
Also known as: 杨门女将之军令如山, Yang Women Generals , The 14 Amazons , The Lady Generals of Yang Family , Yang Family Generals , Yang Men Nu Jiang Zhi Jun Ling Ru Shan
Genre(s): Romance, Martial Arts, War
Director(s): Frankie Chan
Country: China
Release: Nov 18, 2011
Starring:  Richie Ren, Cheng Pei Pei, Cecilia Cheung, Yu Na, Emily Chen

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