Run BTS! Season 3 – 달려라 방탄 시즌3

Run BTS! is a reality show starring BTS, where they play various and often unique games, competing individually or in groups. Run BTS is a South Korean variety web series starring boy band BTS, broadcasting weekly… Run BTS had a runtime of 8–15 minutes during its first season. By the second season onward, the show had a runtime of 20–40 minutes, with more consistent runtime of 30–40 minutes from 2020.

Each episode of Run BTS features the members of BTS take on activities relevant to the episode’s theme, usually in the form of games, missions or challenges in which they can earn prizes or punishments.[1] The members tackle the mission as a band, by forming teams or by individual basis if the mission so requires. Few special episodes also featured noncompetitive activities such as fashion show and skit or drama making.

There are also exclusive behind-the-scenes short clips uploaded during each season’s run of Run BTS after each episode is aired. It was originally uploaded on the paid BTS+ Vlive fanship channel. However, as of January 16, 2020, these clips have been moved to Big Hit Entertainment’s official fan community platform Weverse as exclusive subscription-based paid content.

Run BTS! Season 3 – 달려라 방탄 시즌3
Also known as:  Dallyeora bangtan, Run BTS, 달려라 방탄
Genre(s): Friendship, Comedy, Idol Actor, Reality Show
Country: Korea
Status: Ep118 ongoing
Release: August 1, 2015 – present

Categories: Variety Show

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